I'm a music producer, recording & mix engineer and play bass with Spoilers and Eddie The Wheel

I prefer intuition and performance over 'perfect' precision and love combining live performance with creative studio processing. 

I work across genres and styles, from jazz, rock and folk to punk and electronic. 

I also produce music and mix audio for film and video.

I've worked for agencies and production companies such as Google, Havas, Awesome Films, Kloss Films and the BBC.


Feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions, would like to book the studio or just want to say hello!

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"Chris was absolutely brilliant. He's works very quickly and is intent on capturing rather than interfering with, the band sound."

Serafina Steer - Bas Jan


“Chris is always really down to earth and fun. He’s super communicative

and puts you at ease.” 

Tim Smithen, Kill Kenada / Dancehall

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